Simon Partridge, Boarding school syndrome; politics, and how we are all affected

Simon Partridge describes himself as a disillusioned ex-analysand. He is a great thinker and talker and a freelance writer/researcher. He has covered: community broadcasting; devolved politics; the British-Irish conflict; ethno-cultural mingling across the islands of Britain and Ireland; the psycho-biological consequences of detached upper-class child rearing and boarding/residential schools; inter-generational war trauma; and developmental trauma/Complex-PTSD. He posts on Boarding School Survivors Face Book, and is a founding member of the London Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Hub - Find it here .

He continues to explore and write, from lived experience, about the linkage between early attachment deficits and ACEs. He has just written a great paper,

'What happened to you? Attachment theory extended'

which can be found here,


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